Dive Services intends to provide the best personal service to everyone.  There is no "drop down box" of services here.  If you need help with something, we will try to provide it or find someone who can.  It doesn't even have to be diving related!  We have a network of professionals to fill your needs.
Our Equipment is the best.

  • PSI Tank and Cylinder Inspections--O2 cleaning and Tank tumbling (all sizes)
  • Valve repair/replacement and testing  & Tank hydros (offsite)
  • Fills & Advanced Gas Blending--Air/Nitrox/Trimix/Heliox/Argon
  • 4500# banked air along with a Haskel for Rebreather fills.
  • Industry approved--Manufacturer trained maintenance, repair, and replenishment of diving and related equipment.
  • Free regulator testing and estimates.
  • Pickup and Delivery available 23½ hours a day.
  • Paint Ball, SCBA, and other application fills available
  • Equipment sales
  • Personalized Scuba Instruction


Dive Services Inc.