Dive Services strives to provide its customers with any type or manufacturer of equipment they desire.  If it is not one of the manufacturers listed below I will make every effort to find a source for what you are looking for without you having to drive "all over town".

Feel free to call for pricing and availability of any type or brand of equipment.

I am excited to announce that Dive Services Inc. is now an authorized dealer for Atomic Aquatics products.  This is some of the most respected equipment in the businessKeep checking back for a new specific page for Atomic Products.
Got a Light?    How about a Lift Bag?
  Accessories Galore.......   &  

  Defoggers, cleaners, or repairs?   Products are the best.

A full equipment line

Blue Steel and Catalina Cylinders are some of the best made and they are manufactured locally right here on the East Coast in New Jersey.

Luxfer, Faber, and Pressed Steel are available as well though the shipping costs will be higher.

Sea Pearls is the premier supplier of dive weights and rebreather chemicals.

      It goes without saying that Cochran Dive computers are one of the most versatile computers with the best profiles and many years of reliable service. 

Poseidon is one of the premier suppliers of high performance regulators.  They also have a unique line of backplates, harnesses, and bladders with plenty of accessories to match.

DeepOutdoors also has a line of high quality products that are not as well known but are of extremely good quality.  A wide variety of backplates, harnesses, and bladders to fit those who like comfort and utility.

Seasoft is probably more well known for their neoprene goods line which are quite comfortable and well made but a little known secret is their line of harnesses and travel BC's.  I have a harness specifically made for the functional dry suit diver and I use their TravelLite BC for training students--it will fit anyone from 95# to 250# and teaches back mounted buoyancy from the start.

Everyone from Cave Divers to Wreck Divers knows about OMS, the standard of excellence in the entire diving world.  100's of combination's of rigging to suit the needs of the demanding diver with all the accessories one could ever need.

Zeagle is the consummate American made product.  Style and functionality with a no nonsense approach.  Newly designed regulators and computer are on the cutting edge.

Here at Dive Services I also carry some high tech regulators from SiTech   and Advanced Diving Products   These regulators are only for those who go into extreme environments and need the very best.

Xcel wetsuits are the best I have ever worn.  I still have and wear the original one I bought twenty years ago.  They have many sizes and styles to choose from and the latest in green technology with the bamboo flex.

For those who want good looking style matched with long wear Tilos fits the bill.

WaterProof  Wetsuits are for those who like quality European styling and fit.
Truly innovative and cutting edge, the best line of masks are made by..........
    They are requested by the most demanding divers.

Need to pump up the pressure a bit in those HP Tanks or your rebreather tanks and you aren't near Dive Services?  I can design a portable rig that will do the trick for you with a Haskel Booster as the focal point.    O2 Clean and ready to roll.  Stop by and see the one I use.

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